Wall hung boiler - Brackets installation - Heat exchanger

Designed for wall hung boiler, the DUO Power range integrates all DUO benefits in a reduced footprint.

Top outlet fume exhaust, threaded stud to ease mounting brackets installation, low weight and water quick connection are adapted to build a competitive and efficient wall hung boilers.

Reaching 97% Thermal Efficiency on a compact size, the new generation DUO Power is adapted to build wall hung boiler up to 500 MBtu/h. A new hydroformed coil diameter helps reaching higher nominal gas rate within the same footprint.

It allows the conception of compact size products, with the guarantee of proven and reliable heat exchangers.

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Product benefits +
Wall Hung Boiler
Designed with top outlet funnel and eased mounting bracket, the DUO Power is perfeclty adapted to wall hung boilers.
Increased Compactness
Latest Sermeta innovation, the new hydroformed coil diameters allows reaching high nominal gas rate within the same footprint.
Huge turn-down ratio
The Bluejet® premix burner performance helps reduce significantly NOx emissions and reaching huge turn down ratio.
The Sermeta Signature
To ensure an unrivalled reliability, we develop our products and their manufacturing processes in parallel.
    Our expertise allows us to internally develop automated, productive and innovative production lines. The automation ensures a consistent quality.
Hydroforming is a proprietary industrial process that ensures a uniform and consistent gap between the stainless steel tubes. This facilitates the fumes circulation and heat transmission as well as natural cleaning process.
    Stainless steel is a material perfectly adapted to the condensation conditions. It offers many qualities:
  • Reliability
  • Robustness
  • Resistance to thermal shocks
  • Low thermal inertia
  • Long life
  • Low sensitivity to the pH of water
Sermeta heat exchangers and their burners reduce CO2 emission by -25%. CO2 and NOx emissions from our heat exchangers are below regulatory requirements.
    Thanks to our 28 million heat exchangers on the market, the release of 52 million pounds of CO2is avoided every year, thus protecting our environment.
The quality is at the core of our manufacturing processes: 100% of our products are tested on the production line, that is 2.6 million of heat exchangers each year.
    Our 28 million heat exchangers worldwide in use demonstrate our products reliability and the customer service quality that we offer to our clients.
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