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DUO Power

Heat exchanger - Water tube technology - Stainless steel

The new generation DUO Power allows the building of wall hung boilers up to 500 MBtu/h for heating and hot water application.

Wall Hung Boiler
Increased compactness
Huge turn down ratio


Condensing technologies - Compact boiler - Burner door - Innovation

With the NHEXT® (New Heat EXchanger Technology), Sermeta provides the most advanced heat exchanger water tube technology on the market, from 400 to 8,000 MBtu/h.

High Performance
Low water pressure losses
Compact & Lightweight
Huge turn-down ratio
Ease of maintenance


Entirely designed and developed by Sermeta, the Bluejet® is the premix gas burner of our state-of-the-art technology, offering amazing combustion performance.

An incredible modulation range

The Bluejet® premix gas burner reaches a turn down ratio 30 to 1. This exceptional ratio allows gas consumption to be optimized. It also permits a dramatic reduction in the number of ignition cycles. Less solicited, components have a longer life expectancy. The low transparency associated with an innovative design removes the base of the flame from the metal surface, limiting thermal stress on the metal. This design permits descent to very low output levels, including the use of propane.

Improved flame detection

The Bluejet® premix gas burner allows flame detection to be improved over the entire range of modulation. The addition of configurable perforations on the premix gas burner allows a reading of the ionisation current at extremely low output, unlike other burners on the market. This improvement in flame detection is in perfect harmony with the auto-adaptive gas systems that are currently being developed by gas valve manufacturers.

Pollutant emissions reduction

The 3-dimensional surface of the Bluejet® premix gas burner provides excellent flame retention both at boiler start-up and in extreme conditions (intense cold, poor gases, etc.). This flame stability makes it possible to work on a wider CO2 adjustment range and thus reduce NOx and CO emissions by up to 50%.
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