Condensing technology

The performance of our products is based on one principle: CONDENSATION

Condensation is a physical phenomenon, which by reaction (transformation of the vapour into liquid) causes a release of heat which is transmitted to a cold partition.

Our condensing heat exchangers are based on this principle. Before being evacuated via a chimney, the very hot fumes produced by the combustion of gas pass through the heat exchanger through which circulates cold return water from the heating circuit. The water vapour suspended in the fumes condenses on the tubes that recover the latent heat. This then heats the water in the heating circuit in addition to the heat of combustion.

Using this principle, a boiler equipped with a condensing heat exchanger has significantly higher efficiency than a standard boiler.

Better efficiency = less gas consumption, so increased savings!

A condensing boiler enables 25% savings compared to a standard boiler. This sharp drop in consumption is accompanied by a remarkable reduction in emissions.

A gas condensing boiler emits less polluting gases (up to 65% less NOx) and less greenhouse gases (up to 25% less CO2).

Based on this principle, our product range is available from 90 MBtu/h to 8000 MBtu/h, or even more when implemented in cascade.