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The MHYTECH® (Monocoil Hydroformed Technology), with its unique hydroformed tube, delivers unrivalled performance and maximum service life. The product's simplicity of design and robustness make it suitable for all markets.

High performance
High quality
Ease of maintenance
Low water pressure losses


commercial stainless steel heat exchanger - burner door - efficiency

The NHEXT® (New Heat EXchanger Technology) heat exchanger tube technology is provided by Sermeta for output ranging from 200 kW to 2.000 kW.

High Performance
Low water pressure losses
Compact & Lightweight
Huge turn-down ratio
Ease of maintenance


The Sermeta advanced technology has developed a gas burner, the Bluejet®, which can achieve good combustion performance.

An incredible modulation range

The Bluejet® gas burner achieves a turn down ratio 1: 30.. This ratio optimizes gas consumption. Thanks to this gas burner, it allows reducing the number of ignition cycles. for the gas boiler, and then the components are less solicited. The shelf-life of the product is longer. This technology is associated with an innovative design eliminating the flame base of the metal surface; this limits the thermal stress on the metal. The descent to very low output levels, including the use of propane is possible with the design of the gas burner.

Improved flame detection

The Bluejet® gas burner improves flame detection throughout the modulation range.. Adding configurable holes on the gas burner allows a reading of the ionization current with an extremely low yield, unlike other burners on the market. This progress in flame detection is in perfect conformity with self-adaptative gas systems under development by gas valves manufacturers.

Pollutant emissions reduction

When starting a gas boiler and in extreme conditions (extreme cold, poor gases…), the Bluejet® gas burner offers excellent flame retention with its 3 dimensional surface. This flame stability makes it possible to work on a broader CO2 setting range and thus reduce up to 50% of NOx and CO emissions.
premix burner - gas burner - heat exchanger - modulation rangegas burner - heat exchanger - reduce pollutant emissionspremix burner - heat exchanger - flame detection