Our values


Innovation for energy efficiency is at the heart of our history and strategy.

To respond to the environmental problems and the demands of our customers, we have created innovative solutions.

Our Research & Development department has internally developed proprietary manufacturing processes.


We have maintained our regional roots by developing and serving our customers around the world.

Worldwide, our heat exchangers help to reduce gaseous emissions and improve air quality.


Sermeta develops new products and their manufacturing processes. This means that it is possible to design efficient and innovative production lines.

This ensures excellent quality in our high-tech products.


The quest for performance can be observed daily at Sermeta through:
→ The Product : high level of efficiency, reliability, low emissions
→ The Production : continuous improvement, quality, productivity

Customer service

In order to ensure the greatest possible compatibility with the needs of each individual, the customer is at the center of product development.

Our Research &Development teams provide technical support during the development phase.

Our flexibility allows us to respond to changes in customer demands.


This desire to be the best allows us to have a recognized product life and extremely low return rates.

Certifications, including ISO 9001 and AEO, are recognition of our ongoing approach to quality assurance.